Friday, April 27, 2012

Saturn Retro 2012: Voluntary Backwards Fall

Saturn Retro's a time for regression for Saturn ruled  people. This year, I'm voluntarily Regressing. Falling backwards in time. In hometown Guwahati. In a Karmic voyage into the insides of my soul. Inland waterways of complex, fragmented journeys. Introspection. Retrospection. Contemplating into the past years crossed. Also voluntarily drowning  in the compulsory fragmentation inherent during Saturn Retro. Drowning voluntarily in backwaters. Bogs and inland waterways of forgotten memories. Listening and discovering songs such as this; Jeff Beck magic. I'm experiencing an inward folding, collapsing.
In my daily journals and accounts, I'm finding a lot of stark contrast/opposition with daily journal of Saturn Retro 2009. Whereas in 2009, I was in Will To Power, focussed, objective mode. This year finds me flowing all over the terrain. Like a fragmented, wanderlust, rouge river. without any direction or path. In a subjective, mood, cloudy and dispersed. Voluntary regression. Journals of overflooding archives. Fragmented cobwebs of vague notions.

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