Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturn Retro 2012: Ideal time for Karmic repayment

Every year Saturn goes retrograde for 4.5 months. For Saturn ruled people, its time for hibernation, retreat, regression, moving bakwards. And ideal time for Karmic Repayment! However, for Sun ruled people its time for progress, positivity, energy and speed. Since 2005, I have heavily researched and tried to utilise this annual Saturn retro period. Those years, when i've sufficiently moved backwards/ regressed during Saturn retro, rest of the year i enjoyed PROGRESSION. Like how an arrow pulled back by a bow, later flies ahead. And Vice Versa.
This year I experienced regression during Saturn retro in another level altogether. We had to shift house TWICE within a single month. A long deferred decision which we had been pending for past SIX years finally caught up with us. Father in law came for cystoscopy and i stayed one week in medicity. Plumbing problems, water isuues, chaos, rupture. This time, I've timely scheduled my annual Karmic repayment time. Hope, I'm able to clear a lot of pending Karma during Saturn Retro 2012.