Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chronicle 06: Different Schemes of Repayment

Sometimes we pay back pending Karmic payments in long term easy installments. And sometimes we have to payback in extreme/acute high repayments. For me, a period of high repayments was taking place in February, 2012. After dilly dallying, delaying, postponing house change for past FIVE years, we finally had to shift house TWICE in February.  Like a long avoided, deferred payment, which finally catches up with you. WITH HIGH ACCUMULATED INTEREST. And pay I had to, with every pore of my body, mind and soul. While writing this post with an aching body, tired mind, I'm realising the existence of accumulating interests. Would'nt it have been much better to pay in easier terms and conditions. But, at least one long OVERpending FIVE YEAR delayed karmic repayment got over in a single month! Whew! For now!