Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Log 09: Transformation through obstacles

Today, on facebook, my Energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar uploaded a post  Understanding Life 22-04-2015 on the journey of Energy clearing and healing. Amongst many other aspects of this journey, he talks about obstacles, detriments as a key and integral partr of the process of evolution. His favourite dialogue to me is "You can't expect to progress/ evolve sitting in the comfort of an a/c room. Tapas has to be there". His post came up at a time when I was thinking about a lot of things around, which were causing me strain and stress, as I'm going through my annual cathartic, cleansing period of Saturn Retrograde. And his post has urged me to share my personal thoughts and experiences of detriments and obstacles in their role of my personal evolution.

Each one of us is born with pending karmic issues and debts that we are poised to resolved and repay in our current life existence. These pending debts can be indicated by interpreting the various planetary positions in our astrological birthchart. Energy Clearing helps us to work upon and finally Transform our personal energy. Energy Clearing gives us an window of opportunity for honoring this karmic debts, and then on, progressing on our personal evolution. In fact, more frequent the jolts, shocks, and detriments, it's far better! Why?? Let me illustrate...

Energy Transformation process: Blessings in Disguise
In my astrological birth chart, beyond the impact of all other planets I have got a very debilitated and challenging Ketu position in my chart. This Ketu position directly indicates, the hurt, and damage that I have caused in a previous incarnation. And say, 10,000 units of jolts, shocks and upheavals are owed to me by the universe, as just desserts for my own past misdeeds. I can repay it in 10 installments of 1000 units, 100 installments of 100 units, or 1000 installments of 10 units. Personally, being of frail nerves and a sensitive constitution, I would personally always choose the last option.. 1000 installments of 10 units. Much more regular frequency of occurrence, but of much less reduced shocking magnitude. IN FACT, given a choice, I would choose 2000 installments of 5 units each, or even 3000 instalments of 3.3 units. If given a Choice!! BUT that exact choice HAS been given to me! 
Since, I have begun the process of energy Clearing under the guidance of Dipankar, many times I've often complained to him about that the frequency of knocking, shaking, rattling increasing! But, what I have forgotten is THAT, because of their very INCREASE of frequency, their individual impact/ voltage/ shock value has considerably gone down. They come, rattle me, tattle me, shock me, but they SOON pass. In case of personall emotions, I've being hurt MORE times, but people are strangely becoming lesser and lesser in importance. In case of health, I am having increased frequencies of afflictions around the areas (especially throat area) as Dipankar had predicted four months back, but strangely they soon pass. And also windows of opportunity ARE being magically created for me to service other people who are are suffering in those areas. And earn karmic blessings. Many people are actually going out their way, causing me needless hurt, and taking on my long legacy of rotten, festering karmas (ugh! the stink)...

Beyond the narrow confines of my Ego, my half wit  intelligence, my pathetic expectations, my brain blocked perceptions, the blessings of Divine mother has blessed me with a Energy Clearing plan, that I am being able to handle, and cope, and perceive...
Gratitude! Gratitude!.... and even more Gratitude!

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