Thursday, May 7, 2015

Log 11: Window of clearing till 15th May

This post is a continuation from my post on Saturn Retro 2015 in my Saturnine blog: Saturn Retro-2015-18: Suns-transit-thru-Aries-part 2, wherein I was talking about the Sun's monthly transit through Aries amplifying the current ongoing Solar energies of Saturn Retrograde by at least 200%. However, the additional mention from my energy healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar announcing this period as a special window for energy clearing  for ALL people, whether they be Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, etc, etc, especially  uptil the  15th of May. So I've decided to dedicate a separate post in this, my Energy Clearing blog, on this special period.
Broad widespread effects
Dipankar had earlier told me that the astrological quality year's Saturn Retrograde's was different from previous years. Because the Churning process usually experienced only by the Saturn ruled during this period, had universal implications for all people. He explained, it was because of the overall ongoing transition, upliftment of consciousness of the human race at large. Evolutionary changes and energy changes that were going to affect the consciousness and attitude of humanity as a whole. And, that this period until 15th May, was like a window for last minute induction, commencement of a long pending spiritual journey for many.

He also said, that the churning of these current few days, was like the reaction, knocking shaking, one experiences when one is injected with a powerful antibody in one's system. In previous posts, I have repeated many times, that only through mandatory knocking, shaking, rattling, can the process of Energy Clearing/ evolution take place. Hence the extreme body heat, dehydration that I'm going through in this peak Delhi summer. The dehydration has completely knocked my brain off track. Moreover, tomorrow we go to Saket Court for appearing for the case of theft that had happened in our home/ office by our office boy. That too, in this dehydrated state. But, such is scheduled by the cosmos for me, now. Hence, nothing to do but flow along..
( to be contd...)

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