Saturday, April 4, 2015

Log 08: Eclipse + Full Moon, 4th April

Dear friends, I have already posted in detail about the astrological significance about today's full Moon + Eclipse, (Chaitra Navaratra Purnima with Chandra Grahan) on this post: Click link: Retro-2015-09climax-of-supernova-phase. Today, here I want share my insights about the energy dimensions of this event, after some inputs from my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar. Because of the high intensity of this phase, there can be high energy fluctuations faced by many standing at life's crossroads. More so for those, who are poised to step into the next level of insight and understanding. Especially, within the period of 72 hrs, after today's  Eclipse, they might experience unusual events after the eclipse. In case of such experiences, the indication is simple. They have to connect with their Ishta devta, guiding angel, or connect to a spiritual source, do Grounding/ Balancing mantras, or seek counsel of a energy guide.
These unusual events should be responded with gratitude and understanding. And acknowledgement, that their only purpose of appearance, is for the person experiencing them, to move into the next level of growth, insight, and understanding. Cheers! Love and Light to All!

Personal Updates
5th April, Sunday: Yesterday evening, just after the eclipse ended, as astrologically predicted, there was a flow of release, instant relief from the long  build up of weeks and weeks. A friend suddenly called me up, both me and my wife went over to meet his mum, and we had a impromptu  evening with great food, laughter, and warmth. Abruptly released form the vice grip of Solar shackles, I went haywire like a standup comic on steroids. We had a fantastic evening.
Morning, as was predicted by my energy healing guide about 72 hrs after the Eclipse (check above paragraph), the shaking, energy buzzing commenced full on. When energy has to shake us, it can come in any form. Morning began with me feeling extremely dizzy, and a strange sore, aching around my throat area. After many, many rounds of grounding mantra, I felt considerably relieved, from the bodily shaking/ rattling that is a hallmark of energy Clearing. Then, the energy chose to be manifested in a proliferation of useless household arguments in a relay sequence. Later,  I had to go far to get mutton for guests coming today, and lot of it was stale, old, which normally the vendor gives me quality amenities. After a lot of knocking/ shaking from home minister (read wife) I had to go all the way with the accompaniment of our ground floor man Friday, and replace it with fresh stock from the vendor. After that, a series of phone calls came, which left me a bit askew, off balance, and rocky. After a few rounds of grounding mantras, here I am, updating this post. Since morning, the knocking, shaking, disorientation has been constant, be it for internal/ external reasons, be it within/ without. Exactly as he my guide had predicted. But because of this forewarning, I could somehow glide through it, and NOT react, which would have escalated the turbulence. Did my grounding mantras, and exercises, to feel a bit more orientated. As I repeat endlessly over all my three blogs, challenging planetary transits are windows of opportunities to clear our own pending karmic issues. So, first round of 24 hrs, drawing to a close, two more to go. Clearance ahoy!

6th April, Monday: Yesterday evening, ended with wife's friends coming for dinner, so it was a hectic social evening full of fun and amusement. Morning, tingling sensations in the throat area persisted, and the day went by in clearing stuff, rather slow. Later, in the evening, I joined our landlord for an hour of chanting Buddhist Lotus sutra ( he is a senior leader of Daimuku Chanting). I was surprised at the issues and emotions oozing out of all my pores. A collage of buried emotions related to self identity, self recognition, social recognition and a hopscotch of various random emotional scenes were randomly replayed before my mind. All accompanied by tingling around throat area. Whole day it was tingling (EFFECT), before actually I sat down for one hour of reciting chants (CAUSE). In the Quantum world of Energy healing, many a times, Effects appear BEFORE the Causes are undertaken. Glad I'm being able to utilize this 72 hrs for clearing/ cleansing.

7th April, Tuesday: Today I'm suddenly up and updating this post at 7a.m., right out of bed. From yesterday evening people around me, suddenly and randomly began intensely discussing things and issues very close to my heart. And that created quite a trepidation, turbulence, shaking, rocking within. I had not stepped out of home/ office yesterday entire day, yet this energy shaking found me full on, directly delivered at home, through phone calls, and conversations. And later the topics of those conversations continued in dreams, that I saw after sleeping at night. As my energy guide Dipankar had predicted, when the window of prevailing energies are in such a cathartic/ clearing transition, even simple topics of discussion, random speech has so much power to move us and shake us. As he had remedially suggested, I have three strings of beads, of my personal healing stones, on me, and I'm doing regular grounding/ balancing mantras. I didn't step out of home the entire day, choosing to focus around pending stuff inside the compound. YET, the energy of these cleansing forces are making their presence felt. From the concrete to the most subtle level.
As I completed the above paragraph, it began raining/ drizzling outside. Yesterday, Dipankar had told me one of the ways I could experience healing, cooling during this intense energy phase, was by standing beneath rain, but maybe the fourth or fifth rain, because the first few merely bring all the air pollutants down. Just now, I stood out on our terrace, arms extended feeling the gentle drops of the drizzle upon me, what a relaxing experience. As I looked to the sreet below, through the foliage of the trees, I saw a woman's figure almost sliding/ floating by, in a inhuman speed. Later, as the foliage cleared, I saw that it was a student riding down the slope of our street on incredible speed on her bicycle. As it was early morning, school time, zero traffic, this sudden drizzle, which mad her ride down our gentle slope at such a dizzy speed. From my position, the street angled at 45 degrees in perspective, so the girl's figure looked like a woman/ shakti/ Devi descending to Earth in a tremendous speed. Now the drizzle has vanished as abruptly as it has begun. Let's see what the rest of the day.. unfolds!!!

4:11 pm: Just watched the movie Vanilla Sky on TV. Suddenly realised that I've seen three movies since yesterday, in all of which the barrier between dreams and reality dissolve. Or rather nightmares and reality! In Scenic Route, two friends get stuck on a deserted highway on a road trip. After days of being stranded in the worst possible challenges, they somehow make it back to civilisation. After reunion, recovery, the hero wakes up from a nightmare and talks to his friend. In the conversation, we realise, they are still stuck in the desert, recovery was just a dream. In  Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise is a multimillion dollar playboy whose life is hunky dory until he meets a catastrophic accident. after that, all the scenes you can't make out whether he's dreaming, in anightmare, or in reality. That is until the Final scene! In Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) the remake of the most famous horror series, the scenarios is shown very surrealy, and hauntingly. In most scenes, we dont know whether the characters are experiencing in reality or fallen asleep, and the monster Freddy has got to them. In each of these three movies, the barriers between reality/ nightmare and dream are seamlessly dissolved.
The relevance to this current After Eclipse 72 hrs phase, is the current energy is activating our pending issues, repetitive conflict patterns stored in our aura. And, they are being resurrected, reanimated from their suppressed state, so that we can experience them on the conscious level, real dimension, before transcending them. That is the mandatory experience of the Energy Clearing process of Knocking, shaking, and nightmarish rattling. Morning after the past 7am update there were many telephonic conversation which continued to rattle and shake me to my core. I updated the events to my energy healing guide Dipankar, who said the effects of the After Eclipse 72 hrs phase would continue till tonight. And, will gradually begin to dissipate from tomorrow. As I endlessly repeat over and over, challenging planetary transits are windows of opportunities to clear our own pending karmic issues. They are periods of catharsis/ Energy Clearing, which enable us to Clear our messes, and move on ahead, and evolve! It's 4:40 pm, now. Let's see what MORE unfolds.. In this period of catharsis and cleansing...