Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Log 07: Responding to the Energy of Planetary Transits

This post is in continuation from my post Retro 2015-09: Super flux week, 28 Mar-4 Apr where I was exploring the astrological planetary transits of the period of 28th Mar to 4 April. But this continuation of that astrological post into here, in my Energy Clearing blog, is because only due to the processes of Energy orientation, Energy clearing, under my guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar, that I could deeply tap into the energies of this retrograde planetary transit. With the use of appropriate energy crystals, and purification methods, one is enabled to tap and utilize the forces of prevailing planetary transits, as per the particular nature of their energy characteristic in relevance/ relation to us!!

In my astrological  post, I have written in detail about this particular period as a phase of intensified Shakti, pitta energies, and how Sun, Mars, Ketu, ruled people could use it for progressive breakthroughs. And how Saturn ruled people could us it's energies to regress back into areas of unresolved pending issues. However, a well grounded individual is more ready to appropriately utilize the intensified energies of such planetary transits. Under training from a qualified energy healer/ light worker, one can orient oneself so that one can reorient themselves sensitively to the particular nature of such changing planetary transits. Energy orientation, and Grounding/ balancing work help us to respond to them much more efficiently and optimally.
And one can actually begin to understand and physically experience the various astrological planetary transits in the skies above! Cheers to Energy Clearing!

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