Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jupiter 02: Removing of the invisble Veil

Negative planets in our birth-chart indicate Karmic Debts, which overrules all positive potentials. I was repeatedly suggested remedies for debilitated Jupiter by astrologers Upadhyay, Hitesh Deka, Visti Larsen, Malabya Deka, & others. But only on insistence of my aunt Bula Khuri (Bobita Phukan), & through advice of Late astrologer Biren Bora of Jorhat, I began my remedies, from May 2013. Herein I explore effects of this karmic cleansing...

I have been meaning to write extensively on the results of  therapies for debilitated Jupiter, but there has been way too much activity in these past few months. Strangely, my previous existence prior to Jupiter therapies was SO IDYLLIC for years and endless years!! But suddenly, diverse activities have seem to become the order of the day! Though I am not judging, my previous existence, prior to Jupiter therapies, was very much laden in theories, contemplation, and retrospection. But suddenly, all these theoretical aspects slowly began transforming into practical realities, concrete  preoccupation. All this while, some strange, unsaid barrier seemed to have separated me from the lifeblood of human, mortal existence! Post Jupiter therapies, this virtual barrier seems to have been considerably removed. The resilient yet invisible veil, which had for so long, kept me Far And Away from Vital preoccupations of the mortal experience, seems to have considerably withdrawn!

Suddenly, I found myself performing in Kaffeine at Hauz khas village, after a long Hiatus in music. Somehow I had been so hesitant to play, but after a few swigs of Miller Lite, there I was. knocking relentlessly on the ebony and the ivory, and even crooning few ad lib numbers for the evening! Trust me, its FAR better to actually perform than to think endlessly and THEORIZING about performances! Its a relief actually! Also, on facebook, I found some highly cereberal people in two groups: the Gilles Deleuze group and the Fraternitas Saturni, both filled with substantial, cereberal, deep, insightful people who began giving some invaluable feedback to my astrological observations and post modern idealizations! Enriching my own research endeavor! Cheers to That!

I wrap up with my eternal gratitude to all named and unnamed guides, with special mention to my aunt Bula Khuri, for helping me discover the impact of negative planets on our lives..