Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kalsarp With Rahu Sun Saturn: 17 Oct- 16 Nov

Previously, I had written in detail in my Serpentine blog, about the prevailing Kalsarp Yog from 28 Apr to 2nd Oct, 2013. But I had completely overlooked the final and most acute  phase in this Kalsarp Yoga. The final conclusion, the Grand Chorus, to this six month long Kalsarp Yog saga! Namely, Rahu, Sun, Saturn conjunction as the final Dhamaka/ Punch of  this Kalsarp season: from  17 Oct- 16 Nov!

And as usual, I always find out Crucial transits, at the Fag End, Tail end of it!! Always a super, delayed tubelight! I should have noticed the ominous sign, as on 18th Oct, on the very second day, of this transit, my mother in laws bag was snatched while we were traveling in auto rickshaw from the train station to the hotel, as we landed in Amritsar, to visit the Golden Temple. But as I go, I do find out stuff, but somewhat, way too late! This  one month period finds the Sun entering Libra and combusting the already critical Saturn Rahu combination of Kalsarp Yog! So it's Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, exploding, burning together in Libra, the most debilitated sign for the Sun! What an overall, all around, explosive combination.

And its characteristic of the six month long Kalsarp Yog to go out with a stormy bang, even though technically Venus exits Kalsarp on 2nd Oct, itself. And yes, from that day itself I found some great movements, but, I had completely overlooked the grand stormy chorus of this phase namely Sun itself entering Libra and combusting the Rahu Saturn combination. Creating a grand Chaos of high scales. Read it as upheaval, revolution, chaos, upsurge. And a very hybrid mixture: as the struggle, strife filled, contradictory combination of Sun + Saturn + Rahu will pull issues and things in all directions! Don't complain if your "head feels like bursting into a million pieces" (just like my friend Pratisha wrote on facebook). And THIS combination is BAD overally! Be you ruled by Sun, or Saturn, light or darkness!

In fact every year, when the Sun transits the sign where Saturn is located, it represents a conflict between the Irresistible Force (Sun) and the Immovable Object (Saturn)  ! But this year Sun is transiting the house where BOTH Saturn and Rahu are located together, it represents a cataclysmic conflict, an acute and unusually Karmic churning period! in form of Kalsarp Yog.

Live Update, 7th Nov: Sun Saturn Conjunction
The exact dates for Sun to conjunct Saturn was yesterday, 6th Nov, around 3pm at 20' 30" in Libra! So the full force, impact of this phase was centered around November: 4th Mon, 5th Tues, 6th Wed, and finally today 7th Thursday!! Where 6th Wed and 7th Thursday was the CENTRAL impact point of this. I could actually feel, witness, experience this impact as the people we were supposed to deliver our product got their Studio burnt down around this EXACT period! And some major catastrophes all around. As I write this, 6:30 pm, 7th Nov, Thursday evening, I can somewhat feel the confrontation/ impact of this phase passing over! But the impact/ explosion has been technically and Karmically  building up since LONG as Sun approached Saturn, finaly to impact, combust, and finally cross over it! I personally saw A LOT OCCUR since Monday, 4th Nov itself. But it was long pending Karmic Build up which got released today!! In the classic style of Sun Saturn cataclysmic combustion. So precisely.. to the day and date!!
For those of us in Faculty High, or CBSE, we had this lesson "In Celebration of Being Alive" by E.R. Braithwaite, where the author concludes: "We DO not become better because we are suffering, but, we become better, because we HAVE suffered..". I totally agree, as I rather mostly learn from difficult situations, circumstances on HIND sight! in Retrospect perspective. And I HAVE learnt/ earnt a Lot from the COMBUSTION/ horror of the past few days! At least, i feel a lot LIGHTER cos' I went through such a gruelling Karmic expurgation phase! what I want to say is... Hai Ramma!!!
UTILITY of such Karmic phases: to clear Karmic Junk!!
In this blog Karmic Logs you often see me write in detail about various Karmic phases, which are usually percieved as negative phases. BUT what most people overlook is that such Karmic phases are Windows of Opportunity for us to clear our own pending karmas. the metaphysical meta-dynamics of such Planetary phases are GREAT OPPORTUNITIES to remove our Pending negative elements and MAKE ROOM for fresh new energy or fresh Prana, or fresh Chi to FLOW INTO our lives!! Usually, we are so full of SHIT.. oops read that as Pending negative Karma, or Pending negative issues, that we FAIL TO MAKE ROOM for fresh new energies/ and opportunities to flow into our lives! Everybody keeps on harping about  Positivity and all that BUT first we MUST make room in our OWN Lives, by clearing Karmic Junk, and making SPACE for new energy to flow in!!

8th Nov: Contradiction/ Conflict= Karmic Cleaning
Yesternight, I had an outburst to a Long Pending/ Brewing conflict with a childhood friend. He has Sun + Sat + Ketu in his Natal chart, a very unholy combination. So he must have suddenly drawn a LOT of energy from this  passing transit, the current unholy/ contradictory/ conflicting combination of Sun + Saturn + Rahu in Libra. Yesternight, I could feel the CENTRAL impact of this horrific transit. Emotional betrayal, turbulence, heart burn, heart ache, as long churning bitter venom was suddenly, but not unexpectedly spewed in my face! I could physically experience the unholy combination of Sun + Sat + Rahu in Libra, my ascendant sign, ruling over my Self/ Ego/ Identity. This childhood best friend had been part and parcel of my identity/ identification, But after yesternights Venomous interaction, NO LONGER!
Later, shaken and stirred by this Long Pending horrific confrontation, I changed the name/ title  of this Blog from Karmic Logs to  Karmic Cleaning, because that's what this current transit has shaped my focus UPON: Contradiction/ Conflict= Karmic Cleansing!! That's WHY we go through negative planetary phase, to help us Clean Up  Our own Pending Negative Karma!! Negative Planetary Transits are Natures IDEAL time for Removal/ Subtraction of Pending Negative Energy!!
Right now, I definitely feel very bad/ sad/ drained (obviously, with Sun + saturn + Rahu, in Libra, my very ascendant sign) but i KNOW that once this Unholy combination ends, with Sun moving out of Libra, 8 days later, I can breathe a bit more easier, after having such LONG Pending horrendous negative energy/ horrendous internal conflict having been Removed from my Life!! 
Likein our  CBSE, english textbook lesson "In Celebration of Being Alive" by E.R. Braithwaite, where the author concludes: "We DO not become better because we are suffering, but, we become better, because we HAVE suffered..". I would rephrase.. "because we HAVE Been Cleansed"!! Amen to that!

13th Nov: Filtering Process
These past five days I was defintely participating in a LOT of Karmic cleansing  and untangling process. Wherein I helped others, much outside the domains of my professional scope, to help them untangle, sort out, clear out their minds and clear up Karmic Junk. As the Sun gradually moved away from Saturn at 20 degrees Libra, slowly the combustion, heartburn, of the nefarious Sun-Saturn conjunction reduced. and in this very reduction is the passage of relief, Karmic release. I am so glad that I could participate in Karmic resolution of so many others. BECAUSE from the Karmic perspective as we sow for OTHERS, we finally reap OURSELVES! In the words of Richard Bach in Illusions : Every problem has a Gift for the seeker. we seek problems because we need their Gifts!! I am grateful to Ma Tara, Lord Vishnu, to help me understand the utility and Cleansing POWER of such difficult Karmic planetary Transits! These phases give us SO much opportunity to Remove/ subtract our Long Pending Karmic Debts, karmic Toxins. I'm gals that even though I had some relief and release, I was NOT cavorting around, and spontaneously and naturally occupied Karmic dis-entanglements, Karmic cleansing process in this tough planetary transit of Sun + Saturn + Rahu in Libra of past one month, 17th Oct - 16th Nov.
Another thing, I would like to be grateful about is that by the live narration of my own tough emotional experience I was able to guide two three of my close friends through a similar transit that they were undergoing thru. Common human sharing helps us understand THAT it's NOT happening to us Alone! And that can make so much difference!I am thankful for the feedback, ineteraction of members of my Facebook group: Adims Astro Zoo, for their feedback that made it a Live Karmic dynamic interactive, process!!

6: 38 pm, evening, 13th Nov: DEAD CALM: Today the  entire day was  a massive slump. A contrasting stretch from the dramatic, melodramatic, rise and fall, swell and ebb of the this over dramati cprevailing  transit. Feels so strange to experience this faltliner all of a sudden. For once,  a relatively calm period almost feels tinged with unease and dread. Like the Nicole Kidman, Billy Zane chiller movie, Dead Calm. There definitely IS some signs of relief, BUT, not complete relief, as 3 more days yet to go for Sun to leave it's month long transit in Libra. Many people today in boxed me in facebook today about their personal conflicts. I used the slump of the moment, UTILISED the uneasy Dead Calm of this period, to respond with great depth about their inetrnal issues, dillemmas, opinion. This current sense of Calmness is a gnawing feeling like a description in one of Edgar Allan Poe's stories. Laced, and tinged with dread and Unease. The perfect astrological consequence of -HOT/ burning Sun + cool/ dark Saturn + and moist/ cloudy mysterious Rahu!!:P

16th Nov, Saturday: wrap up
I feel quite tired after a long day to be writing this last update to this post. And definitely, a sense of winding up, and relief, release.Especially towards the end of this phase, the conflicts, and confusions amplified to an acute degree! I'm glad I use thie Karmic Phase properly. To purge pending, latent Karma. AND guiding as many people as possible. In the FINAL CLIMAX, today I helped friend Susmit remove his long pending facial cyst thru surgery at a local hospital. I had to watch up close, the blood, mess, gore, blood spurting like geysers, of his procedure on his cheek, and was waying with head spinning. The lady doc, and nurse told me to sit down. Lest i faint from the overload. What an embarrasment. But after a while I regained my composure and helped Susmit crawl through the procedure! LaterI had  to suddenly visit Gurgaon for some auspicious work. And back home, a long pending cheque, was there when I reached home. Thanks Lord Vishnu for the end of this horrific phase. RIGHT on the dot! Cheers and blessings to everyone!!
Breathe Again- Toni Braxton