Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Log 12: Illness due to extreme eating

Last few days, I had been down with acute indigestion, and resultant gas, breathlessness, congestion, an ever repeating routine since childhood. But a pattern which has increasingly shown me that it is but a process/ medium for my own Karmic Cleansing, and evolution. I had been accompanying my wife, the entire past week, at her site finishing, wrap up, at Krispy Kreme store at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket. And late night, moved across the road to indulge in my favorite kebab stall at Hauz Rani village, right across the mall. My argument was that I wanted some real Mardo Wali Khana ( He Man Food), as opposed to the food offered at the Mall. Then in the Over Machismo of my gait, overate too many Kebabas, which were hastily almost half cooked over charcoal, due to the long queue,  and Icould feel a familiar sense of indigestion creep up, shortly after. By the time I returned, I felt that I had overdone it. Next two days was over hectic, as wife finished her work at the Mall, and it opened to great crowds, and I too was caught up in some music composition for a corporate film. Ultimately, the undigested food, late nights, sleeplessness, super hectic tension, culminated in a total system crash down, finally on Sunday!

From Sunday night, the now long forgotten phenomenon, of indigestion, breathlessness, horror, resurrected full bloom. Later, I was browsing through an issue of "Osho Times" handed from a friend, and my eyes fell on an article " Eat Totally, Stop at The Right Time"! It fell like a slap on my face! What could have been an artcile on food, which I would have grossly ignored, was now staring at my face in full bloom. Zapped, in my indigestion and breathlessness, I began to read over it in detail. Some excerpts:
"The body never goes into extremes, the mind goes to extremes. When there is no mind, there is no extreme". True! It was my so called, "Real Mardo Wali Khana/ He Man/ Man of the soil" attitude, which made me grossly overeat at the Kebab Stall, and body crashdown!I could have a normal bite, but no, I had to go over the edge, to prove my Son of the Earth, machismo! As, Aldous Huxley correctly said "Road to excess leads to wisdom". And this article in Osho times was exactly pointing out the exact thing: That, we SHOULD do things in our own natural, balanced, moderate pace, and NOT OVERDO things!! 
Most of the times, we screw up because of our own extreme attitude... a lesson I had to learn from eating excess..!! ;)