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Log 31: Why karmic clearing?

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Why karmic clearing? beacuse its only when we clear our Karmic bindings, do we create room for opportunity for expressing the radiance of our personal spirit !!

Why Karmic Clearing?
In Vedic thought, we're on a ongoing Karmic journey across many lifetimes. The challenges and problems of our current life represents particular Karmic repayments, obligations, our soul has chosen to address and resolve in this particular lifetime. Vedic astrology can give us great insights into these karmic equations, and pending karmic issues. It enables us to identify the particular nature of our Karmic debts, and gives us method and remedies for their resolution. Over the years, I have found my own astrological  journey, naturally gravitate towards on the various processes of Karmic Clearing. More and more, I find myself focusing on various methods and  processes and therapies, which enable us to reduce our pending karmic debts. Because, I strongly feel, especially after repeated personal experiences in my own life, that, unless we resolve our pending karmic issues and debts, all the gifts, talents, of our soul lie completely useless and buried. Because  these unresolved pending karmic issues actually follow us across many lifetimes. And, it's ONLY when we clear them do we create room within ourselves, to express our inner talents and individual potential. As they say in the Buddhist thought, "Ultimately, we do everything for our own self, own soul..".  I offer my heartfelt gratitude to the benevolent and compassionate souls, who have shared their invaluable insights about Karmic Clearing, with me in my own personal karmic journey. Thanks!!!!

Some universal Karmic Clearing methods
Below, I'm sharing some Karmic Clearing methods, that work universally for everybody, beyond the particulars of  one's individual specific horoscope...

1) Acknowledging the Karmic Law
Whenever something bad happens to us, we say "Why me?", and curse everyone and everything all around, left right and center. But we forget, that it's our OWN pending karmic debts, unresolved issues, which are now, manifesting before us. Acknowledging, understanding and reminding us of this fundamental Karmic reality is an highly effective way for Karmic Clearing. Even though, the causes are often invisible to us, having the faith in invisible Karmic Law, and acknowledging karmic responsibility for their effects, helps clears our pending negative Karma.

2) Forbearance towards Negativity
In the teachings of Falun Gong, I've found an invaluable insight. Whenever, someone uses aggression, hostility, violation, anger in any any form upon you, he takes your negative karmic energies upon himself. And showers you with his own positive karmic credits, karmic blessings.  However, if we reciprocate with equal aggression, we return the karmic credits and blessings back to the sender and pull back our own negative karmic energy back to our self. Whenever, we face hostility, confrontation, ridicule, humiliation, we should try to remind ourselves, that it has come to us ONLY because of our own pending karmic debts. And is now, providing us an unique window for Karmic Clearing. Maybe, that's what Martin Luther King meant, when he said, "Unearned suffering is redemptive"!!

3) Breaking the Pattern of Negative emotions
Negative emotions like Envy, Jealousy, Cribbing, Arrogance, Ingratitude and Pride create a lot of negative karmic energy in our life. They represent a pattern that we have carried with ourselves across many lifetimes. We should break these Karmic pattern by trying to avoid these emotions, as far as possible. Envy, Jealousy, and Cribbing is effectively overcome by  acknowledging Karmic Responsibility for our current personal circumstances. And, Arrogance, Ingratitude and Pride is effectively overcome by reminding ourself to express gratitude to the universe for the many gifts and enjoyments that we recieve.

4) Karmic repayment in Small Installments ( Rista' Khan-dan )
Sometimes due to high karmic debts, there may be catastrophic repayment/ retribution looming ahead of us. But, if we can practice regular repayment in small but very frequent installments, we can convert the mountain of looming catastrophe, to smaller and manageable installments. Example, in case of those with Mars related accident horoscopes, who have the potential for a big accidental injury. This can be reduced by many frequent smaller nicks, cuts, bruises, that frequent the persons life, instead on one massive accidental catastrophe. Such frequent but minor mishaps can help keep process of karmic repayment, karmic clearing, in balance. Regular and minor repetitive negative experiences clears considerable pending Karmic debts from our life.

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