Sunday, November 25, 2012

Log 01: Neptune journey begins

Only after having renamed this blog (for the nth, 34th time), this time to Neptune Logs, am I having this indistinct feeling inside, that a I have finally done a true and honest thing. Under which, I can begin to testify, narrate, share, analyse my personal/ visceral/ astrological/ mystical/ Karmic experiences of things. Under the banner of Neptune, all the complex, half breed, half formed, hazy, cloudy, dissolved, diffused, nebulous, fringe, complex, intangible, layered EXPERIENCES that I often, usually, and frequently undergo, will finally find some platform of expression. For each one of us is primarily related to a specific Planetary Archetype. And after 10+ years of astrological research, occult studies, I conclude that I AM the Neptune archetype. Neptune IS the backwater of my mind, the Swamp of my soul, the layered haven of my spirit, the nature of my character, the quality of my disposition. Neptune archetype is who I am!! After a LIFETIME  of DENIAL and half a million short lived/ shoddy attempts to cover my INNER NATURE under more agreeable, practical, competent, respectable, flattering MASKS, I finally conclude the truth... of my being the complete Neptune archetype. Thus, at 39 years, 2 months, on this Saturday night of 24th November, 2012, I take off my other objective masks, phallocentric, ideological EXCUSES, and BEGIN this Neptunian narration, commence this Neptunian voyage, embark on this Neptunian journey of self discovery, contemplations, and revelations..