Monday, January 23, 2012

Chronicle 01: Arriving to Karmic Conclusions

This blog has gone through multitudes of topic/ subject changes before I finally arrived to begin talking about the topic closest to my heart and soul: past pending Karma. In my life, I have pursued years of astrology, worship, religion, philosophic enquiry, metaphysics, analysis only to finally discover one deeply personal truth:  the Irrevocable Effects of past/ Pending Karma in our present life. Every breath of our "Now', current existence is loaded with invisible effects of past, pending Karmas. And only when we ACKNOWLEDGE this, can we begin to make some sense of our current physical existence.
Prior to this, I was trying so hard to forcibly talk/ speak about topics that were FAR removed from my daily reality, my daily existence. But whats the point of writing a blog unless it's about something Real. But today, when I write this sentence, I feel some strange kind of relief/ release. I am finally talking about the most important subject of  my life: Karma, especially Past/ pending Karma. EVERYDAY I go through the physical effects of pending Karmic issues. EVERDAY I interact with people going through the Harvest of their Karmic sowings. Everyday, every hour, every minute and second. So much information, experiences, inference to draw from. But even THIS moment was exquisitely designed, so that is that. Every issue, every funda of my daily life had SO MUCH of pending Karmic effects.

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